Chris Ingalls (trocadero) wrote in criterion_co,
Chris Ingalls

eclipse recommendations?

I'd like to Netflix some titles from the Eclipse series, but I don't know where to start. Can anyone provide some recommendations? I've heard great things about the Samuel Fuller box, and I love Bergman, so I'm thinking that I would like the Bergman edition.

Speaking of Bergman, Max Von Sydow came into the Borders where I work last night (in Boston). I helped him find a Leonard Bernstein DVD box set. Seemed like a very nice guy. He's in the upcoming Scorsese film that's being shot here ("Ashcliffe").
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Max von Sydow?! For real? I would have swooned! He's one of my absolute favorite actors!

I haven't tried any of the Early Bergman yet, but the Fuller box set is fantastic. I highly recommend The Steel Helmet.

Postwar Kurosawa is a must - try I Live In Fear and No Regrets for Our Youth.

A must: Wooden Crosses by Raymond Bernard.

Hope that helps a bit.
That definitely helps. Thanks!

I just got the Early Bergman and Kurosawa stuff in at my library. I haven't yet taken a look at them.

I'll second the Fuller recommendation.

Be sure to check out the William Klein set when it comes out in May!!
That's cool!

Isn't the Scorsese thing called Shutter Island now? I thought I read... who knows...