M. Alasdair (jsangspar) wrote in criterion_co,
M. Alasdair

two questions; one direct, one tangential

Takes on Criterion's releasing practices lately? Would you rather see more good-but-already-available movies get the treatment, like Two-Lane Blacktop or The Last Emperor, or is the part of the cycle we're in now with the small, fascinating obscurities like Mafioso or Walker more to your taste? If you couldn't tell from the loaded language I prefer the latter; no question some of the films they've redone have been deserving, but I just don't get the sense of progression from that as I do with unavailable films.

Which leads in to my next based-on-wild-rumors question: Last Year at Marienbad. On the way, potential future release, totally impossible, or what? Anybody?

And while we're at it:

Thoughts? I got nothin'.
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